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Someone at Zillow says...

The company as a whole is headed for some exciting times in the real estate space, affording many to enjoy the job security that lies ahead, along with excellent perks. Listen to your subordinates with an open mind. Years of experience is meaningless if you are not willing to listen to differing perspectives, especially if bad decisions are being made. If you are confident in your past experience, you should be ready to at least provide your own perspective based on your experience rather than to be dismissive without comment.

Zillow Interview Questions

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People at Zillow Say

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Benefits - The benefits Zillow offers are numerous. Free snacks/drinks, gym reimbursement, time-off (vacation, parental leave), etc. Culture - Zillow really cares about its employees. There are various networks to foster a sense of belonging for marginalized groups, career development opportunities, emphasis on well-being and work-life balance, etc. I also love that despite being a mid sized company, it's still got a tech startup feel to it. Internal Mobility - Plenty of opportunities for career development. Zillow really invests in the growth of their employees. Innovation - Zillow is constantly iterating and never stagnating. I love that things are constantly changing, it really keeps you on your feet.
Benefits are solid. A ton of opportunity to own your career development. Fast-moving, so there’s always a new challenge or opportunity to take on. Leadership is very transparent about decision making and planning. Everybody that you work with is super friendly and very mission-driven. Has gone through a few re-orgs and some shuffling, but I hope that once the dust settles, then everything will get back to normal. ZG is experience an interesting shift in product development and direction, so sometimes it feels like I’m a bit late to find out about an update, but that’s just the business of a fast moving tech company. I wish there was a cash bonus structure. Transparency is huge, so please continue that! I would also recommend continuing to invest in training and L&D in order to train and retain the awesome talent at the company.
Zillow hires the absolute brightest people on the planet. You will be surrounded by these people day and in and day out, challenging you, helping you grow and making you a better professional and person. I'm incredibly happy to have had the opportunity to work among such an exceptional group of people. Due to the highly selective nature of who they hire, the culture is by far one of the best in the world. It's not because of all the "fluff" (free food, free travel, insane holiday parties, incredible events, and the unlimited supply of office supplies to ensure you have what you need). No, it's truly the feel when walking through the doors of a Zillow office, regardless of location. You feel the energy, the drive, the endless pursuit to accomplish the Zillow mission.
They really have an amazing group of people. I've worked cross-functionally on multiple projects and only rarely have I found people too busy or not willing to help. - There's always something new. You will never be bored working here. Plus, you can pursue what you want with, typically, much encouragement from your peers. - They offer great work-life balance. In fact, they discourage overworking and teams make an effort to adjust if the work gets to be too much. Setup reviews for contractors at a set cadence on all teams and convert the ones that are valuable to the team and the organization. There's nothing worse than talented people wasting away and losing motivation because they don't feel valued.

Engineering Levels

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$120,000 - Base
$24,167 - Stock
$8,833 - Bonus
$134,167 - Base
$30,833 - Stock
$18,333 - Bonus
$164,889 - Base
$78,667 - Stock
$17,778 - Bonus
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